Taste of the Tohoku

where you can expand your repertoire of regional dishes. Each post to this page will feature a Tohoku specialty. This post features AKITA Prefecture's IBURIGAKKO (Smoke-Dried Pickled Radish)

Many tsukémono are made with sun-dried radishes, but the severe cold and deep snow of AKITA Prefecture creates conditions that favor indoor drying, instead. In the winter when the hearth is kept constantly lit, radishes suspended from the thatched roof become smoked as they dry. The smoke-dried radishes are then placed in tubs with nuka (dried rice bran) to slowly ferment.
Takahashi-san makes smoke-dried iburigakko the traditional way.
 Variation on a Theme:
(Persimmon Mash-Enriched Rice Bran Pickled Radish)

Some versions of iburigakko are a bit fruity, thanks to the mash of persimmons mixed with the rice bran.


(Smoke-Dried Pickled Radish)

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DEEP SNOW... Akita in the wintertime

Modern menu items:
Iburigakko with mayo
Iburigakko with cream cheese
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